Nigel Woodroffe has been valuing jewellery for over 30 years and has gained great expertise in the subject, backed up by a trusted and keen team of staff.

All items left with us for appraisal/valuation are listed for the customer during ‘the taking in procedure’ and are fully insured whilst on our premises.

There are a number of reasons why you need to have your jewellery valued. The jewellery you own should be adequately protected by insurance. If you already have insurance cover based on a valuation given to you some years ago, it might not be sufficient, because of the sharply rising cost of gemstones, gold and labour so if you lose your jewellery, have it stolen, or damaged, the money you receive may not be sufficient to restore the loss. We normally recommend your jewellery needs to be revalued every three to four years.

Post Loss Assessment

We also offer a Post Loss Assessment valuation service. This service is usually requested when an item(s) has been lost or stolen and a detailed valuation is absent. The Insurance Company will require a written statement, descriptions and retail estimates to replace the lost item(s) with a similar piece(s). This document is not classed as a Valuation but as an un-sighted opinion of the replacement cost based on the clients verbal, photographic and or other forms of documentation.

Basic fee

£35.00 or 1% of total value of your items