Seal Engraving

We are offering bespoke Signet Rings with hand engraved artwork of your choice, such as your family crest or coat of arms. Seal engraving is cut in reverse and to a depth where the ring can be used to create a wax impression. We can also produce engravings for show, with artwork as it appears and not as deep.

Available in 9ct or 18ct Gold or Silver, with the option for artwork in Black Onyx, bloodstone or Carnelian. 

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Originated in Ancient China and Eastern Asia and was introduced to the Western world in the 12th century. With a history of more than 3,000 years, seal engraving has played a very important role in Chinese culture. The use of wax seals however, did not begin until the Middle Ages. Monarchs, bishops and royal courts used them in issuing official decrees and to authenticate documents. Seals then became more democratized, butchers would sign agreements with a seal bearing the head of a hog or cow and then by the 13th Century were more accessible to the ordinary freeman. In a time where most were illiterate, seals were used to authenticate agreements, contracts, wills and letters.

Prices Start from:

Gold 9ct Silver    
 Gents £495   £125
 Ladies  £395  £125
 +Engraving  £110  £110