We have over 30 years experience valuing jewellery.

All items left with us for appraisal/valuation are listed for the customer during ‘the taking in procedure’ and are fully insured whilst on our premises.

Due to the fluctuating prices of gemstones and precious metals, we recommend getting your valuable jewellery valued every 3 or so years.

Post Lost Assessment​

We offer a Post Loss Assessment valuation service. This service is usually requested when an item(s) has been lost or stolen and a detailed valuation is absent. The Insurance Company will require a written statement, descriptions and retail estimates to replace the lost item(s) with a similar piece(s). This document is not classed as a Valuation but as an un-sighted opinion of the replacement cost based on the clients verbal, photographic and or other forms of documentation.

Basic Fees​

£45 for the first item;

  • The next four items £15 each
  • £10 each thereafter
Image of a Jewellers Loupe